Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. The Spirit was moving incredibly at the altar call! Multiple members filled with power and felt it release to others. Something broke and God uplifted!

Typed notes:

Haggai – The people were poor and destitute because they only invested in their own houses and the Lord’s was in ruins. Give careful thought to the day the foundation was laid. That is our salvation, Jesus, the cornerstone. From that day on, the Lord will bless you.

We believe in gifts and using our gifts and not quenching the Holy Spirit. He promises power through the Holy Spirit.

If you aren’t sensing the presence of God in the here and now, then you need to backup and seek Him.

The salvation of the soul is not through good works. Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” is God’s. Incredibly sad scripture. Are we sealed in Jesus, a temple of the Holy Spirit, connected to the Father, and covered in righteousness?

God doesn’t make junk, We have a good purpose in God. He placed us here for a reason, for such a time as this. Fulfilling His purpose pleases Him. He communicates His will through the Word of God.

Prayer is the means which we communicate with God. He is close, He is listening. No problem is bigger than God. As you grow in prayer for yourself, then you can pray for others, those that might not know how to pray for themselves.

God encourages us to come together to uplift, bless, and give. Iron sharpens iron, we need to be in a Spirit filled community for that to happen.

First coming, Jesus asks for followers, second coming, EVERY knee shall bow.