Mt. Deliverance Worship Center sermon. I saw my daughter dancing and flag waving in such perfect worship that I felt compelled to make her the focus of the drawing. Later, she saw a bad spirit which prompted me to approach a pastor and discuss what to do. He laid hands on her with me and prayed for the hedges of protection to be raised all around her to guard her eyes from any more sights of evil. We do not need to see them or focus on them. While doing so, I saw a hurricane of swirling water, like blue fire, surrounding her completely.

The pastor then asked to lead her in tongues. She revealed it had already “bursted” out of her and she sang in tongues with us. The pastor then revealed that he wanted to baptize her in the spirit awhile ago, but the Lord told him it wasn’t necessary…that HE was already refining Bella on His own. What a revelation and gift!!

Typed notes:

Judah went first. Judah means praise, so we send our praises to the Lord first. Start with praise.

God is going to draw people into your life that meet our strengths and our gifts that He gave us.

God uses human instruments to get His message from heaven to earth. We are the furnace. The silver is the word. The purifying fire is the Holy Spirit. It is purified seven times and seven is a number for the Spirit and completeness.

The dross is the human error, purged to become perfect int he word. We all go through times of testing in the perfect fire. He will work on us until we give an offering of righteousness.

The impurities must rise to the surface to be skimmed off. We may feel consumed before it is done, but it is necessary to perfect what is within. It is not complete until there is a perfect reflection. We are to reflect God perfectly.

The hooter the furnace, the more quickly the process is completed. God says He tests in the furnace of affliction so we come forth as gold. Job 23:10

God’s methods may seem strange, but the results are always worth waiting for. They are not scams and are without attached strings. He wants the best for us.

He has a set time for testing and a set time to bring us out. He wants us to shine as perfect gold. He helps us to be perfect in Him. Process before promise.