Mt Deliverance Worship Center Sermon by Pastor Allen Keister. We are persuaded by having a strong relationship with Jesus. The soaking in the Word armors and prepares us for what it to come.

Typed notes:

Romans 8, the chapter of counterpoints. Jesus was not spared, but delivered. Walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit.

Rom 8:31 – If God be for us, who can be against us? We are much more than conquerors through Him who loved us. We must be persuaded that it is true.

We can be drawn away, but not separated. We get persuaded when we get in the word and pray.

Not brain washed, but blood washed/

There’s no condemnation for those who walk after the Spirit, not the flesh. Don’t be persuaded by worldly things, drawn away from the Spirit.

Verily, verily listen up! Listen carefully when things are repeated in the Bible.

Put to death deeds of the flesh by walking in the Spirit. It is painful. It is pitiless. The refining does not stop until the old man is dead. You should be persuaded beyond the mocking. Beyond people leaving. Beyond anything life brings.

Lukewarm walks with God are not coming from being persuaded by Him. Persuasion changes is wholly and completely, more and more as time goes. We are to become new creatures in Christ.

Our conquering and armor and weapons come from the living water. Have Relationship.