Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. Talk with another member of the readiness of his heart to preach to the surrounding area brought up discussion of the spiritual awakening that is blossoming in our church. As I praised, I saw a circle of reaching fire that morphed into a flower on a lily pad: petals opening and consumed with holy fire while the pad was just a circle of fire reaching out like vines. This man and our church are the flower and both are rooted in the living water that is the Word.

Typed notes:

It is our great privilege to share the gospel in some way. God will bring people to you, you just need to step out and do what the Holy Spirit tell you to do.

Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her. Check your tongue, if the church was perfect, we could not be members!

Peter suffered the hardest rebuke, but grace was given to him to become a great apostle.

We hold first and last words of people close to our hearts. Jesus’ seven last words have been studied extensively. He ended on a perfect number. The seven first words of the church can be “I can do all things through Christ.”

The words start with “I can.” We so often focus on what we can’t do, but we must shift our focus to what we can do. We can each do our share, no matter how small. The King has commissioned us all, not for us to sit by and do nothing!

Jesus encourages us. Read His words and focus on what He says of you: a child of God, blessed, strengthened, endowed with power, a co-heir, beloved, died for, redeemed, loved.

Waiting on the Lord is not inactive! Look to the birth of the church in the upper room. They waited in prayer, in blessing, and praise. They waited, but did so in action and praise. We can always praise!

As the Spirit strengthened Peter to preach to the 3,000 after a life of cowering, He will empower you!