Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. I saw a very vague vision of this when praying for the pastor’s wife. The clouds were pulling away and it was ivory white. I assumed it was the high tower of the Lord. Later, while looking for information for a friend, I looked up Zion’s hill and stared in shock. That was what I saw. The structure on the top of Zion.

Typed notes:

Luke 6:46-49 – Why do you call me Lord, but do not do what I say? One builds on a rock and one did not.

Do we communicate and talk with the Lord and know He talks back> Friendship.

Maranatha – He is here. He is coming again.

No person, government, or entity is Lord but Jesus! Let us be instructed by Him and continually obedient to Him.

There is a continuous coming to Christ expected. We hear His words and we act upon them. Unction of the Spirit. We should desire to know Him better and have hunger for the word.

The Spirit will guide you in ALL truth. John 16:13

God gives instruction through His gifts. He blesses the body through the gifts. We cannot force these gifts. The anointing of God is upon the one exercising the gift, and that allows another to receive the word.

Prophetic words can be so powerful as to save someone’s life. They can hang onto that word in the worst moments of life, and have faith when they normally wouldn’t.

God knows what He is doing and what He has in store for us. Prophetic insight can reveal parts of that path and keep us pushing forward. They uplift and inspire.