Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. The Holy Spirit just awes me over and over again. I was given this image on the way to church and knew it would be a hard one to do considering how many things are going on. Turns out the sermon was about calling on the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I saw the connection to my drawing right away: my huddled, praying man is calling on the names of God. As the pastor preached on, my jaw almost dropped. He huddled over, hands together, saying how we let the problems of the world press down on us and make them bigger than what they are, and we just need to call on Jesus! He acted out and spoke the meaning of my picture!

The demons eyes are fixed on the angels and they begin to flee in cowardice the moment the man calls to Jesus. I love the angels’ demeanor. Strong and surrounding the man with swords drawn, but completely calm at the same time. One even leans on his sword, just waiting for that little wisp of black talons to just try to make a move. We have more for us than against. Don’t let the problems of this life overtake you when they are nothing to our Lord and Savior.

Typed notes:

The Lord sings for us and dances for us all the time – for over 2000 years now!

We press into the Spirit of the Lord, we seek it so because it is a glimpse of Heaven, of being with the Lord. God will do the things that are impossible, that no other god or power can do.

Exodus 3:14 – God declares, I am that I am. He is the almighty God. Lord Jesus Christ, those 3 names are powerful. Lord means equal with God, Thomas declared my Lord, my God. Names put together, he recognized Jesus’ divinity.

Acts 4:12 – There is no other name but Jesus! By His power we are made whole. Because we are His body, the church.

John 20:28 – Jesus is Lord and God. The Lordship of Jesus is the theme of Ephesians. He is Lord on Earth and Heaven. His Lordship continues forever, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The gates of Hell cannot prevail!

You must be in Christ, He must be the head for you to walk in victory. Sometimes we focus and agonize on little things and problems, but Satan cannot fight Jesus. So Satan comes after us instead. We have been given authority to put him under our feet. As Joshua put his feet on the necks of kings. If Joshua had that, how much more we have in Christ under the new covenant!