Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

God is speaking: divine power, armies, victory. We cannot see our foe and he takes every cheap shot he can. He is a bully, a chicken, a coward. 2020 is a year of victory for the church.

As we assist others in comfort, we should relate and think of ourselves there, and have compassion, empathy, and Spirit-led comfort for them, as we would want to be comforted.

We battle with prayer. It is the weapon against the unseen enemy as listed in Ephesians 6. Let the church claim the authority.

The devil can trick you in “being still” so much that you aren’t doing anything. “Straight away” the apostles forsook their nets and followed Jesus. Too often we leave too much time between a calling and our action. We are called to move forward in faith.

All that touched Jesus we made whole in Mark 6. ALL. We are in constant communion and touch with Jesus through the Holy Spirit within us. That person may need YOU to pray.

God’s got an army. Marching around the church. He surrounds us.

Jesus felt every infirmity and teardrop so He can comfort us. The God of all cares for us. Anything else is a lie. He wants us to come out from among the world. He has sanctified us.

2020 needs to be the year the church answers God’s call “straight away”.

Grief in Hebrew is our sickness and disease. He BORE our grief. He is a pain taker. Yield to God!

Notes on the sketch: Psalms – do not destroy them, but let them make noise as dogs around the city. POWERLESS.