The truth won’t set you free, its KNOWING the truth that will set you free. The Bible is the most powerful book in the universe. Its not so much what love is, but what love does.

Gideon’s ministry has seen Muslims turn to Christ instead of burning churches by just hearing the word and by friendship. By changing college students lives by giving out the word. A simple book, the Bible, can change lives because it is living.

Gideon and his band were small. God pared them down to a few people so His glory would be made known.

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Be that one light among the evil of the world.

God’s word is timeless and relevant in our day. It is the only book the author shows up to reveal it to you. The Holy Spirit teaches us God’s word.

Psalm 119 all points back to truth, God’s revelation in the word. Words, scripture, revelation, etc.

God wanted His people to reach out to others even in the old testament. He separated them as a beacon, not be covered and hidden.

The word waters the soils of the inner man. It brings growth and prosperity to the spirit. The word of God is living and active according to Hebrews. You can believe the Bible too little, but you can never believe it too much.