Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. I had my first prophetic vision given when laying hands on another.

Typed Notes:

God comes repeatedly to his children with words of comfort and commission. He seeks a relationship and fellowship.

The latch is on our side. We must open the door to dine with Jesus.

The Lord came a second time to Abraham, Jonah, Samson’s mother, Apostle Peter.

When Jesus asks Peter if he loved Him, he responded with the love of friendship and not agape love. Take care of the lambs, shepherd my flock and feed my sheep.

Jesus will work on us that which is needed to fit into the kingdom.

He called Peter 3x and Peter denied him 3x – connection? Agape love grew after they were given the Holy Spirit.

Our Father calls us many times like we call our children. The Holy Spirit comforts and surrounds us like a parent comforts a child.

God sent His son so that he could call all of humanity in as His children.