Mt Deliverance Worship center sermon. Genesis 49:21 – Nephatali is a doe set free that bears beautiful fawns. Someone who reads this has been the doe set free this week.

Typed notes:

God moves on us individually first. Lord God let revival start in ME. That will spread it to the church.

Shamgar only takes three verses in judges, but he did so much. He delivered Israel from the Philistines with an ox goad. He could have questioned the weapon or the size of the enemy against him, but he had no excuses. He made a solution with what he was given.

The results are God’s responsibility. He will bring it to pass. Make a difference with what God places in your hand. Stand for God and determine to go down fighting. Go on the offensive with problems in your life.

Break down goals into smaller chunks. Live one day at a time, for God is in the present with us. Don’t be overcome by the huge looming goal in the future. Matthew 6:34.

His compassions never end. His loving kindness begins afresh everyday!

The Holy Spirit tailors his message to each unique person. A method that works for another may be useless on the next person. We need to be sensitive to that guidance.

Start where people are in their relationship to Christ, not where you think they should be. As Philip asks and gauges the eunuch in the chariot.