Month: May 2019


Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. Typed notes: When Adam fell, he nearly went blind.  He lost his spiritual eyes with the fall.  Streets of gold – gold can never be seen through by our eyes, but what about spiritual eyes? How long do we look with our eyes on the Lord?  Until He has mercy…
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Notes from: Typed Notes: The church is the sleeping giant. Shown tied to the ground with the devils surrounding it. Even moving an arm causes devils to scatter. 72 devils ruling the world through masonry. Binding them and stargates began waking the sleeping giant. Jesus will anoint the giant and people will come out…
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Notes from: Typed Notes: Jesus comes for the purpose of saving the world and that not one soul would perish. George Otis – doing “transformation” of the cities in heathen countries, trying to get all churches to get along, but he is not a believer in the blood of Jesus. Trying to convert Christians…
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