Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. The armored eagle turns upward into the light with resolute cause, holy fire in his wings and a beaten foe in his clutches. A jess tied to the leg marks him as a falconer’s companion…it does not bind him as a slave, but rather is a symbol of the depth of the bond between him and his Master. For a falcon is not controlled by chains but by bonding and communication.

Typed notes:

Jesus had to come from a different priesthood than the Levites because He could not offer a sacrifice otherwise. Under Mosaic law, only the Levites could offer a sacrifice.

We must have the nature of Jesus in out hearts. Do we have a relationship? Or are we like the 7 sons of Sceva.

Satan will withdraw if the circumstances he is using to destroy you instead are perfecting you! Judas was constantly preoccupied with money and Satan exploited that. Even though Jesus taught against the love of money.

If there is anything virtuous or praiseworthy, dwell on that so you don’t sin against God. The actions of men and women are the greatest interpreters of their thoughts.

1 Peter 1:13 – Prepare your mind for action.

By the power of God, we can run through the troop (enemy), take back what is stolen, and leap over the wall.

Naaman was almost not healed because he wanted things done his way. He had to acknowledge God and do it God’s way.

Judah did things his way. He lost two sons and withheld the third from Tamar, against the law. Then he ended up fathering the baby unknowingly.

When God answers prayers, remove your sad face as Hannah did after Eli blessed her petition. Set your mind on what the Spirit desires. The warfare starts in our minds.