Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. 2nd prophetic vision. God was flowing powerfully this Sunday. I drew the man and the grape vine before the words of the centurion’s faith and Gentiles being grafted onto the vine were spoken. Worship art so often progresses in amazing ways.

Typed Notes:

Centurion’s faith was never seen in all of history because Jesus has been around for all of history

Gentiles have been grafted into the vine!

Only God can give spiritual light where there is darkness.

Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but I will trust in the NAME of the Lord.

When you don’t have faith, you fear and doubt. Must trust in God, He keeps calling His people.

Psalm 62:11 – The power belongs to God. If you belong to God, you have power.

Luke 1:47 – For with God, nothing is impossible.

We are endowed with power from on high. The Holy Spirit came and we just need to receive. The gift of the Holy Spirit is for everyone! For as many as we called (Acts).

Acts 1:8 – We will receive power with the Spirit.

Don’t get rid of false teaching books, burn them so they don’t lead someone else astray.

Jesus cleaned the temple so it would be a house of prayer. That is what will happen in his new temple: Christians. We must be careful not to defile our temple. Cleaning may not be peaceful when led by Jesus.