I got a revelation from the Lord this afternoon about our current situation with COVID-19, quarantining, and the tanking economy. I have been seeking Him for confirmation and moving forward with great hesitation because I want to be utterly sure the words I type align with His word, His purpose, and His ultimate outcome. I was just going to send it to a few. When I asked if I should post it on my website, it almost felt like I got a spiritual smack between the eyes and I instantly got the blessing of Benjamin in my head. Wolf of Benjamin was created for a time such as this.

“Benjamin is a ravenous wolf;
in the morning devouring the prey,
and in the evening dividing the plunder.”
Genesis 49:27

This will make more sense by the end of this post. God is devouring the prey and dividing the plunder to His people. We stand at a critical threshold, people. The prayers of the saints may never have been so powerful as this moment. While a virus is shutting down the world and all seems evil, remember that God works all things to good for those who love Him. Check out Mark Taylor and Sheila Holm. The repentance of our nation and the prayers of the remnant in America are critical in this moment of time. God is judging and cleansing the evil blood from our nation and we will stand to preach to the world in the aftermath. We are a beacon of hope, not to be covered but to be set where all can see.

Interestingly enough, when I looked up Jacob’s blessing to copy it, the other blessing of the tribe of Benjamin came first. Moses’ blessing. In all my readings of the Bible, it has never stood out to me. I didn’t even remember it. But it jumped from the computer screen today.

“And of Benjamin he said, The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders.”
Deuteronomy 33:12

We are beloved by the Lord. Dwelling in safety if we only have the faith to see. Can we see that between the two verses we are strong over comers, more than capable warriors, yet covered by the Lord Himself and carried as tenderly as a mother carries a child?

The revelation for this moment in time comes from Mark 5:1-20, the healing of the man in the tombs of Gerasenes. I believe it is important to note that the story right before this is the calming of the storm as they crossed the waters. In a moment, Jesus revealed he had all power over the wind (air) and the water (all marine spirits). The air is His because it carries the breath of the Holy Spirit, as when the wind descended on Pentecost. The water is His because it is living. The water was never cursed. The land was. The water was there in the beginning as witness to all the Lord created. The water is where the old man dies and a new man rises in baptism. Our Lord Jesus Christ is Lord of all. His dominion is clear.

Jesus was called to Gerasenes by the Holy Spirit. He only did the will of His Father, so we know this wasn’t accidental. Again, his dominion over the water is established once again just by sailing there. This I believe is connected to our present crisis. Jesus is called to America by the the prayers of the saints. He has landed and stands among us. Have faith in His power and dominion!

What does He find? A man who is insane and incredibly powerful. No one can bind him. Death follows him. He cuts himself and cries as he is tormented by Legion. The man is America. Jesus has arrived to find his church separated into legions and not working in unity. The great and powerful America is destroying itself through blood letting, satanic rituals in place over God’s holy land (the body of the people). The blood of the unborn flows in rivers. There is division everywhere, and our representatives bicker and are divided.

The man runs TO Jesus. This is incredible. America does not flee. What do we have? A President praying and leading his cabinet to pray. Declaring national days of prayer. People scared in quarantine who perhaps have never spent time with the Father are now pleading to Him. The warriors of the church remnant are praying day and night, seeking the Lord. Crying to Him to heal our land!

Jesus commands the evil out and fully heals the man. There are shocked people all around. I believe the plague will be stopped suddenly and surprisingly, astounding folks. I believe a clear separation of God’s holy people and the world will be seen. One will be astounded. One will be praising.

The legion goes into the unclean swine and destroys them. In doing so, they destroy a trusted part of the economy in the area. There were about 2,000 swine. Look at the headlines for how the DOW has been dropping. The huge hits are in the 2,000’s. Our economy feels like it is being destroyed as we speak. False idols of Hollywood, sports, government led education, and places like Las Vegas have been shut down. Jesus has restored families and the church: His body, each of our bodies. The purge is necessary. The old unclean economy must be removed to make the people trust in or fear the Lord.

Others feared what was happening and will beg Jesus to “go away!” But the renewed America will stand to preach to them and bring in the harvest.

Jesus has to clear the swine so America can reclaim her birthright. And what about the economy? The swine were driven into the LIVING water. The water is God’s. The old economy will die and a NEW one will emerge. Sanctified. It has to be. We cannot take the blood money of the world and use it without sanctification. Even the Pharisees of Jesus’ day knew that. The purification of the economy is necessary.

Benjamin is the strong warrior, devouring the enemy and dividing the spoils. Come the evening on this monumental time in history, the enemy will be conquered and his spoils divided. God is with us. Who can be against? Remember that the last words of Jesus to the man recorded in Mark were “Go to your home and to your people and tell them what the Lord has done for you, that he had mercy on you.” Are we ready to proclaim God’s mercy and what He has done for us?