Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed Notes:

If you have faith as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you.

God can help us with anything we need if we just ask Him.

Rejoice when on the mountain to give hope to those in the valleys. Our focus on God comes in valleys. We must give praise and focus in the good parts.

God is greater and bigger than anything we face. And sometimes we try to power through on human strength. By going so, we turn to the same places the atheist does. Our help and health come from the Lord.

Faith does not always remove the obstacle when we think it should be. It can still be a trying experience. He took His people through the desert, not around. Through difficulty, not avoiding it.

There are no limits to the Lord’s healing for those who believe. We are overcomers, that means having problems. That means there must be something to overcome!

These notes and drawing came with one close person in mind the whole time. Healing will happen.