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The devil’s own people are more faithful to him than we are to God. WE MUST PUSH IN to God when an answer isn’t immediate. you may have to push harder and seek more until your faith grows. Prayers must agree with the word.

When you commit to Christ, you must be obedient and He will test that – and ask you to do something you don’t want to do. And you grow in faith and knowledge when obedient.

The powers of cities are by the oceans and rivers because water spirits rule the cities/world.

Owl in Bohemian grove is Moloch. In order to be a member, you must dedicate your firstborn. Tombstones under the living oak trees, statue of satan, eagles. The statue rules and reigns over FL city and the world. Set beside and around water for power.

A lot of satanists and witches in hospitals. You must bind powers if there or family is there.

Pastors were spiritually blinded and became ritualistic. Condemned the Holy Spirit and His works.

Popular books, pastors, churches, groups will be brought in a coven and demonic blocking will be sent out against it. Must be in prayer with everything.

Bohemian grove flooded and bodies are now found from the sacrifices?! God is revealing what is happening. We are a tiny army, trained for this time. And BIG things are happening.