If you have visited the About page, you know this journey started with a black evil entity in my home in 2018. What I didn’t tell you is that the being appeared in direct correlation with watching a certain TV show…one that had given my daughter nightmares on a couple other occasions. Not that she watched it, but she responded from her room in spiritual distress a couple times when the show turned dark. That should have been the indicator to us to never return. But we prayed and got through things and deluded ourselves with the thought that although there was a couple issues, we usually never had issues. So we continued with the new season when it came out.

My husband and I didn’t like the new season as much, but also had the feeling of being “invested” and that it would get better. Witchcraft became predominant and my daughter began seeing the wolf. I later pieced together that the days she saw it were directly after we watched the show. In the darkness of my basement, she saw a fully black wolf, though not fuzzy. It was smooth, almost like it was hairless. And it had “Twilight eyes”. Think of the new My Little Pony show and their large eyes. Sounds cute. Until I drew the thing. It is absolutely freaky. The wolf followed her and did no harm. She wasn’t even scared seeing this black entity following her because she “knew God would protect her”. The faith of this child is astounding.

Initially I wondered if it was good. It then appeared upstairs and was looking in her room. By now I was beginning spiritual warfare to test the spirit. I quarantined the kids rooms spiritually and this entity did not pass the test, though a new wolf arrived that did. A black one like I had seen in my dreams before. One that was fuzzy and had normal eyes. She later saw a white one too. This was initially a very stressful and confusing time for me. I didn’t not realize at first that there was two different spirits and warfare became confusing since their actions didn’t match. When I finally learned of the difference through my daughter, I realized one stood in protection.

Then, after a final dark episode and a related reappearance of the evil wolf, we knew the show was opening a portal in our home and we were actively allowing evil in. We stopped mid-season and will never return. We have stopped almost all TV viewing. If my husband and I watch, it might be once a month anymore. And we won’t entertain any dark show any longer. My daughter saw the good wolf a few more times after and it followed us in our travels. She hasn’t seen it for awhile and my mom (who is also a seer) gave the insight that sometimes we can see more in times of greater battle as assurance. Now that things are calm, it doesn’t meant that God doesn’t protect us, but that the extra visual assurance isn’t needed like before.

You may be wondering by now what show caused so much disturbance and set the course for a spiritual re-awaking and clinging closer to Christ. It is a very popular one. And mentioned explicitly near the end of the following podcast. I strongly invite all to listen in to it. Especially if you have had contact with ghosts or spirits. Because a TV show can invite them in, even one as popular and seemingly good as “Once Upon a Time”.