Notes from:

I was not feeling this picture, but I know it is the right one led by the Holy Spirit when the sketch starts. I can’t get the lines out if it isn’t led. So the sermon is going, talking about baptisms and other stuff and I’m here drawing a warrior standing on a dark battlefield and thinking “oh well, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match. It is still Spirit led”. Then the sermon changed and over half of it was about warriors and spiritual battle. I had to apologize to God. He knows what He is doing. Even when the path doesn’t seem obvious or doesn’t seem to fit at all, we need to trust Him.

I think it is also noteworthy that this came out looking close to my first prophetic vision.

Typed notes:

1 Peter 2:11-17 – Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. Submit yourselves to the ordinances of men and to kings.

Particularly in deliverance, something supernatural happens in baptism. They are publicly confirming faith in Christ.

Husband & wife should talk about scriptures together, read defensive warfare, read protection verses before bed. Any discussion and fun in the bible leads to marital growth.

You must be active in battle. The church did not die. It will be revived under prayer, led by the Holy Spirit. Us and God make a majority. Anytime God is on the scene, it is won.

In the spirit realm, many Christians try to get to the front line without knowing how to protect themselves and their families. Prayer warriors will bring the revival. They must be covered in protections and prayer for effective battle. As we learn, we come to new levels with God. Deliverance is the beginning, growth and God comes next. Fasting breaks the yoke. It will bring you closer to God by loosing the bands of wickedness (Isaiah 58:6-8)

While fasting, you open your spirit up like a flower. Put the word in reading, praying in tongues, listening to the word. If you put things of the world in, it will not do you any good.

America is completely ignorant of witchcraft and have let it infiltrate the church. Christians CAN have demons. People must be receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit.