Sermon from Ivory Hopkins:

My family is in the midst of 40 days of communion and I am personally seeking a finished healing. When I went to workout today, I felt led to this sermon. Let me say, I was on fire with affirmation to STAND and FIGHT the enemy. Day after day, when we feel we are beaten down and losing, we need to focus on God. We need to focus on Jesus and that He declared “it is finished.” I was so led by the sermon that I had to come back up and replay it so I could take notes. And the notes exceeded my typical one page because there was so much that was striking me.

Also, when I walked back upstairs, all my children were singing Hallelujah over and over! I have never had that happen before! What a blessing to realize they were literally clearing the airs with praise above me while I was listening to the preaching.

Typed notes:

Psalm 18:34-38 – He teaches my hands to war, so a bow of steel is broken under my arms. The shield of salvation protects us. I have PURSUED my enemy and overtaken them until they are CONSUMED.

Most demons are counting on us not fighting back. We are God’s battle ax of war. Make them flee! Fight!

What are the manifestations when it starts attacking you? Discern the root cause. Bind the root cause.

Every time the enemy came against Jesus, He responded with “it is written.” The word of God executes judgement on the enemy. Speak God’s word in direct relation to what you need to conquer.

The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching the inward parts of our body. The Lord is TOUCHED with the iniquities of our body.

Sometimes the resistance has to be persistent! Resist until the enemy flees. Every second. Everyday. Examine the natural life for the opening. The enemy needs an opening.

Colossians 2:13-15 – God has DEMOLISHED the handwriting and ordinances against me and has nailed them to the cross!

Be completely consistant in your warfare. Do not be worn down. Weapons of warfare are: salvation, the armor of God, redemption through the cross, the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, the scriptures, angels, power to bind and loose, access to the throne of God, Jesus has never left or forsaken, to bruise the serpent’s heel.

Weapons pull down strongholds. Anything the enemy is saying, cast it down! Against the word of God? Cast it down! God must occupy the dominent place in your mind and your house.

If you see demons appear, it means God is there. It means angels are there. God is more powerful! When you are opposing manifestations, do like Jesus and cling to “It is written.”

Heavenly Father, open our eyes to see that there are more with us than opposing us. The angels of the Lord camp about us.

Do family beliefs or superstitions hold demons in you? Truth must address the belief system.

2 Corinthians 5:17 – If we are in Christ, we are a NEW creation. The old has passed away. The family line generational strongholds have passed away. It doesn’t matter what oath or practice, we can stand against it and defeat it!

Jesus took every charge, every covenant, and nailed them to the cross. We are redeemed. Forgiven. All sins forgotten.

Resistance is a word that has aggression to it. Attack the enemy by all means necessary. Be persistent. There’s nothing wrong to have multiple deliverance sessions. Our faith needs built. We need to praise God through it.

Sometimes strongholds don’t break because we are not confessing to God. Another person cannot break them, our lips need to speak against the strongholds.