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New York Mayor says citizens don’t own their own bodies and can be force injected with ANY vaccine. Do we have a right to our own bodies or not??

When you don’t know the spiritual warfare shown in the bible, you open yourself to falling for witchcraft. Todd Bentley, working with “angel” Emma-O who supposedly did the healings. Only Jesus heals!

John 10:7 – Jesus says I am the door of the sheep. John 10:1 – He that doesn’t enter THE DOOR to the sheepfold is a THIEF. False prophets open supernatural doors.

Women submit to their husbands AS UNTO THE LORD, not to ungodly acts. Keeping women silent and bound, staying in spiritual blindness, forbidding talking about satan or devils, removing the Holy Spirit. Many pastors and churches are BLIND to spiritual warfare.

Stargates – witchcraft doctrine where they punch a hole to allow fallen angels into our world. That barrier is God”s protection to mankind so man can be saved. Christians do NOT need to open stargates or portals. Christ is not bound by that and neither are His angels. If it is from space, it is demonic.

Everyone was looking for what Jesus could do for them, mostly by money, not by deliverance or obedience to the word. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 – Let no man deceive you by any means!

Peter Wagner – Territorial taking, take your cities for God (Fake?). God’s people do take territories, but its taught in witchcraft mostly.

Josiah sent for Hulda (woman) to interpret the word of God. Oral law was destroyed with Jesus’s word.