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The “goods” satan can take from you are not only souls and health, but a sound mind and anything else, body/spirit. The bible gives us authority to bind satan.

Apocrypha came from an angel taking a rabbi to 3rd heaven/ He sees Enoch and calls him the brightest star in heaven and sits a God’s right hand – that is Jesus’s place only.

Romans 16:17 – Mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them.

Digging for spiritual things can lead to wormholes to evil.

Isaiah 5:13 – My people go into captivity for lack of knowledge. The church is hungry, thirsty, panting for God.

Need to go before the Lord in fasting for everything in your life. Remove what is defiling.

Christianity is not seeing satan everywhere or nowhere. Those extremes hurt the message of Christ.

The wall of fire is the Holy Ghost. We must be committed and devoted and trust God. Isaiah 54:17 and Isaiah 59:19.

It is not as much removing satan as it is about removing ourselves from evil influence (TV, games, objects).

You must seek Jesus to find him. He is alive and knows what you need. – insight into evil workings in the world.