Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

When Adam fell, he nearly went blind.  He lost his spiritual eyes with the fall.  Streets of gold – gold can never be seen through by our eyes, but what about spiritual eyes?

How long do we look with our eyes on the Lord?  Until He has mercy on us.  He shall deliver from the snare.  The Lord gives us evidence of things unseen.  Jesus said, blessed is he who hasn’t seen and believes.

Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is, when money is our god it is.  Job had money and was well blessed – blameless and upright.  Could not be blameless if money and possessions were evil to have.

We all have the same reward through salvation.  The one who works all their life has the same salvation as the one who is saved in the last breath.  Jesus uses words that how we need to invest in our spiritual economy: profit, lose, gain.  Gaining and putting back without investment in the soul is like the man who built new barns with a great harvest and then his soul was required.

Whatever we gain in this world cannot be retained forever.  For the world and its lusts are passing away.  But God promises us a permanent estate with no rust or moth.

The world cannot fully satisfy anyone. We are made to serve God. Even Solomon wrote that all lif is vanity and we should give ourselves to God. This relationship gives true joy to our lives. We need to examine who we are and what we hold spiritually with Jesus.