Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. Earlier in the week while praying for someone, I saw the Holy Spirit descending. Shadowed underneath. Carrying the glory of God above. The vision was beautiful. We can be shadowed in the protective presence of the Lord. Sometimes we may think that shadow means that God has forgotten about us. But He never forgets. All of His glory descends with the Spirit.

Typed notes:

We cannot please God by our works. When we are saved by Him, He expects us to use our gifts for the Kingdom.

So many tried Jesus unsuccessfully, and people continue to try to trap Christians/ Be firm in the scriptures with WORKS. Knowledge is not enough. There must be fruit in your life to show the eternal, the miraculous, the power, the agape love of the living God. These speak to people. The Spirit moves through our relationship with God.

Our desire should be to live a life pleasing to the Lord. In whatever calling we have. We are not to covet the calling of another. If we were all the same, we could not build the unique body of Christ.

There is nothing like a personal relationship with the Lord of glory. To walk and talk with God.

How can I be a blessing? Instead of a focus on how can I be blessed. Have compassionate concern for others. Lord, how can I further your kingdom? How can I bless another? Send someone I can lead to the Lord.

The Lord’s mercy endures forever. The righteous are not forsaken. He never leaves or forsakes. We are the seed of the Lord and we are blessed. Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.