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The head of our army is Jesus, the head of the enemy army is a fallen, beaten angel. The only power he has on earth is the power given to him by men.

Is our wisdom coming from God’s word or the works of the world? The books of the world?

If the Christians in the book of acts required tongues, healing and deliverance, then how can we believe that they aren’t needed today? God has never left the church. We turned our backs on Him.

Psalm 119:2 – Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, and that seek Him with the whole heart.

Satan is NOTHING compared to our Lord. Jesus has ALL power and authority. We are to have the same goals as Jesus – to save all who are lost. We should be praying for others and out family, not for things which melt away before the throne of God. He loves us so much. He sent us here for a purpose.

When you believe what Jesus says, it is more power than anything in the world.

People opening stargates all over and satan can move more of his troops through. Jesus is the ONLY one who opens the door, so all these openings are for EVIL, not good. One and God makes a majority. And two or more shall have anything they ask done for them by the Father in heaven.

Psalm 37:12 – The wicked plot against the just.