Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

The Lord loves us to have a stirred heart, and the Holy Spirit is the one who stirs it.

The Mount of Transfiguration also shows Moses’ dream fulfilled: to see the full glory of God.

Generally speaking, we are not learning when we are talking. Peter stumbled and felt he had to say something at the Transfiguration. He should have watched and listened and followed the direction of God.

Though the winds and waves rage, we are not really perishing because Jesus is in the boat with us. He has power over ALL things. You will make it to the other side.

No matter how often God blesses us, we still give into a fearful spirit, especially during a new trial. We need to trust in Him, and not the words of fear.

We need to have the faith of the hemorrhaging woman. She suffered for 12 years, she was probably weak and crawling. But she pressed forward to the Creator in faith. Jesus can tell the difference between an indiscriminate touch of the crowd and a touch of faith. We must learn that discernment.

When all the world is in turmoil, Jesus wants us to have His peace. Reach out in faith to Him. We are all touching the hem of His garment since He is in us. We need to have the faith to go with that touch as the woman did.