Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

Jesus said to the centurion – “Go thy way and how thou HAST BELIEVED, SO IT SHALL BE DONE TO YOU.” We must believe like the centurion.

The word of God is spiritually discerned, so an unbeliever will miss the truth and not see how all the bible is from God.

God wants us to be good parents and good examples because we are the daily example to our children.

Children who have good fathers relate better to the opposite sex than ones who don’t. Fathers are also the most significant influence for social behavior. Child should see and feel father’s interest in what they are interested in. They should see their fathers working so they understand the value of money. Also, see dad expressing all emotions: love, fear, anger and joy. Should see them worship consistently, faithfully and loyally. Public worship and not to be ashamed of the Lord. Children should hear fathers pray, specifically, not generally. Detailed prayers so they learn how to pray.

Join your children with you in prayer in hard times to grow together. When God answers, share the results.

Children should hear good words of encouragement toward others. Uplifting words. Limit and eliminate discouraging words about others.

Teach children to respect authority, not only in God, but elected officials and police officers and other leaders. They are ordained of God according to the bible and we are to pray for them.