Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed Notes:

The multitude of people waiting on Jesus was a disorderly mob. The leper came close like a dog comes close to his master (from Greek) and called him the Greek word for Jehovah. He was a believer and he KNEW Jesus could heal, but didn’t know if it would be done for him. Jesus healed instantly and we just need to ask.

The Lord gave the Hebrews favor int he sight of the Egyptians, even though the plagues has destroyed their first born, cattle and all agriculture. They plundered the Egyptians just by asking for gold and possessions when they left.

The Israelites greatly feared when they were pursued. Spirit of fear is against God at all times. They only had to be still and cross the river BY FAITH to be saved. God said “why do you cry out to me?” And that was before the endowment of the Holy Spirit. Faith in God has always been central and vital to us.

Don’t look back, look ahead. God protects us. We need to trust Him and take Him at His word. The secret of faith: fear not AND stand still. We often want to rush ahead on our own like Saul. That restlessness gets us in trouble. Those that wait on God will have their strength renewed. Isaiah 40:31

God opens a way that we can walk in faith. The Lord will fight for us, we should hold our peace. Don’t keep crying out to the Lord when He has instructed you forward. God is bigger than anything else.