Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

Iron sharpens iron. Believers should be encouraging one another with the word of God. We are to pray for one another. That is how we fulfill the law of God.

As we move, we move in Jesus. We may start with our own human intentions, but when the Holy Ghost falls, HIS movement will happen.

Typology – a method of biblical interpretation. The New Testament writers used it to interpret the Old Testament.

Hide the word in your heart, so that when you are drawn away by your own lusts, you can STAND against the enemy.

Eve sinned, but another woman was chosen to bring the Messiah. Sin was created at the tree, but sin was also conquered at a tree. Jesus saved another soul while He was bleeding, suffering, and dying. What an example!

Genesis 3:15 – Right after the fall, God already promises redemption, a woman striking the head of the serpent.

The tree healed the bitter waters. Do we take the cross to heal our problems? The reoccurring them of the tree in the Bible points to the healing and salvation of Jesus.

We walk by faith, but there is nothing wrong with feeling. So many of us have not felt Jesus! Press close and seek a relationship where you FEEL Him. Walk with Him in righteousness. Know the power of God.