Mt. Deliverance Worship Center Sermon

Typed Notes:

Vision from Melissa about Bella:
“I saw Bella in a high, white tower. She was running in circles in joy and praising and laughter with gold glitter falling all around her. Everyone who cam against the tower fell down before it, powerless. The faster Bella ran and the louder she worshiped, the stronger the tower was and the more the others fell.

Prophesy spoke over Bella:
God is building a great thing within her and they saw much merriment. She shall find herself so full of joy that she feels she is crying for no reason, but take heart, it is the joy of the lord filling her.

Prophesy from Wednesday night meeting:
“The hidden things of God will be revealed.” I had separate revelation on Friday of the virtues of God and how they are not specifically assigned to each Godhead. I realized there was inter-dimensional connections and suddenly had a tiny grasp of how big and magnificent God is, and how many hidden corners and mysteries He has.

The scapegoat is a reflection of all our sickness and disease going back to satan, back to his side! That is why the goat didn’t die. It carried that ill back.

Paul (Ephesians 3:18) describes the 4 dimensions of love. Breadth, Length, Depth, Height. We only perceive 3 with our eyes. By God moving, we witness His hidden mysteries! We cannot if we are stagnant. We must explore God and He must move to know his hidden mysteries.

Ahziel? Demon that the goat was sent back to. Very bad one, worse than molech.