God is marching on, will it be with you or without you? Jesus has given us the glory that the Father gave Him. That’s what is in us. That is what makes us bold!

The one thing we can do on earth that we can’t do in heaven is to win a lost soul to Jesus Christ. Lord lead us to someone this week that we can lead to You!

There is a long list of biblical sons who went astray from godly fathers. Don’t give up, pray!

Children can likewise witness to parents. It may be generations, but again, don’t give up, pray!

Your relationship with Jesus can and will be the influence on others to lead them closer. Do we have relationships with Jesus that bring attention? That others crave?

When God turns the tide in your life, give Him praise and glory. Ask how you can be an instrument for Him.

Where sin abounds, how much more does the grace of God abound! If Paul was the chief of sinners and could be saved, then anyone can.

Godly sons can come from godless fathers. The Lord deals with each person individually. We all have a choice and the same circumstances do not produce the same people. Let God work in you and teach you and guide you in His right ways.