Notes from Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

We need to put on a yes face, so people know the joy and fire of God that resides within,

We have a Lord who blesses. We are challenged to turn our eyes to Jesus. The things of this world will grow dim next to the light and love of Jesus.

Jesus is holy and true. He is truth. He is the living Christ and we should respond in awe as in John chapter one. All that I need of, I find in Him.

Jesus has the keys. What He shall open, no one should shut, what He shall close, no one should open. He opens and shuts the doors to the presence of God.

Matthew 28:18-19 – All authority has been given to Jesus. Make disciples of all nations.

Ephesians 1:19 – What is His exceeding greatness towards us that believe in Him!

He has given us His keys with all power to bind and loose. His authority is absolute. Let us not forget who we belong to.

He opens doors and shuts them for everything in life. We need to be in tune to the Holy Spirit for God’s directions in our lives. When the battle is over, we that overcome shall wear a crown.