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The Holy Spirit speaks to those who will listen to Him.  We must train ourselves to listen and follow Him.

The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life.

John 10:16 – Jesus says his sheep, regardless of their fold, shall know His voice.  It is important that once your hear Him, you choose to obey Him.  Everyone that is of the truth hears His voice.  He wants us to hear Him.

Joel 2:28 – The Holy Spirit is a communicator.  He is poured out on all flesh, both young and old, male and female will prophesy and dream.  The Holy Spirit gives utterance.  All on Pentecost were filled with Him.  All received tongues.

Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.  The spirit comes from within, without thought on our part.  Tongues comes from within,, not from thoughts or our making. 

The Spirit gives us power, the boldness to speak the word of God.  He fills us.  Acts 4:31, Luke 24:29.  God wants to line our mouths up with the word of God, like timid Peter, who was changed into a bold apostle.  Simple men are turned wise by the Spirit and word.

Life is in our tongue, so it is one of the first places God will work on.  We are expected to listen, obey, and not harden our heart.

John 14:26 – The Holy Spirit will teach all things, so we must have an active life with Him.  Pray for an ear to hear the Spirit.  He talks to us about motives, others, past, future, danger, all things!