Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon

Typed notes:

Why we pray for others – it is often easier to pray when you aren’t emotionally involved.

Whatever your gift is, God will bring it to you. We must recognize it, see it, and do it. He grows us right where we are.

Artisan guilds were attached to false deities, so establishing a business as a Christian was very difficult.

The 7 letters to the churches of Asia Minor reflect God’s instruction to the churches of today. Be not compromised or conformed to the world. Whoever loves the things of the world, the father is not in him.

Jesus washes the churches with His word so they may be presented without spot or blemish. How can we be ready for Jesus if we do not live holy? Jesus baptizes in flame and fire and the Holy Spirit. Fire conforms everything within. Israelites burned cities with fire as judgement – God’s fire judgement to our flesh?

The greatest thing we can do in life is please Jesus – in works, activity, our thoughts and life, everything. No laziness among God’s people. Reflecting agape love.

Be faithful, loyal and committed to the things of God. Pray and encourage each other. Accepting difficulties without demanding deadlines on God to remove it. It is His timetable and He is always on time.

The name of Jezebel listed in the church letters. Was a spirit named there?