Notes from Omegaman radio marathon, Pastor Gary Stafford, What Do You Know About the Call on Your Life?

The Spirit surprised me on this one. I got that something was held in the strong hands of the Lord: covered, protected, resting. And it became a small rabbit. Such a small and fragile creature encapsulated in power. And then the sermon turned to waiting within the calling of the Lord. Shaped by the hands of the Lord. Resting when the Lord gives us rest. Just amazing.

Typed Notes:

After being born again, becoming one of the chosen ones, we are not in a religion, but a relationship with Christ. We are formed like clay into the likeness of the Son; beat, shaped, purified in fire, given beauty so we become a worthy vessel.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established. Communication with the Lord in what we choose to do will establish us.

There is a calling in your life and you are entreated to walk in it. We cannot fulfill it in flesh, but in spirit.

God has a perfect plan that never needs correction (but we do). He is never late or wrong and He loves us more than we can ever fathom or return.

God has his hand on you and He has called you. You are His workmanship. Everything must be in His perfect timing. Relax and rest. Enjoy your quiet times and spend them with the Lord. Running ahead will not avail and you will not be covered in His anointing.

Cry out to the Lord – Help my unbelief. Under gird me. And He will grow your faith.

If nothing is happening, you may be in a time of rest and restoration. God Foreknew and destined you to become like Jesus. He planned it ahead of time and He will justify and glorify you in His time.

God never sends you out without preparation. Either before or at the time of your calling, He WILL equip you, anoint you, and fill you with power.