Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon

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When you get the revelation of scripture, it all becomes new. It is the powerful word of God. When it seems old, that is when you need to keep pressing in. It is life!

When you don’t know how to pray, that is why we have been given the Holy Spirit, to pray in the Spirit. The Spirit will pray for you, He knows what you need.

The church is so hungry for the Holy Spirit. The sheep are not being fed in most churches and they are missing such power! Such a relationship with Christ! He comforts us in all our tribulation, so we can comfort others. We are not defined by lack of troubles, but by how we trust in God to get through them.

There is a preparation for power, and then there is the acceptance of power. We must pick the mantle up, then we must use it in its anointing! It does us no good to accept the gifts of God and not use them.

Elijah stood alone against 850 prophets, even Israel didn’t support him, they were just watching to see who would win. He stood fast in the Lord and with one small prayer, faith, and trust, the Lord burned everything down to the dust. He is looking for who He can be glorified through.

We not only need to preach the message, we need to live it!

Elijah got all the fire from heaven, but 7 times he laid in submission before the Lord before a tiny rain cloud was seen. He had to wait and trust in the Lord when nothing could be seen.