Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

Hosea 4 – No love of God in the land, only murder and hatred. Because of this, the land mourns. People suffer and animals die. We need to acknowledge the Lord to save the land.

Lamp stands are symbols of the light of the world, a symbol of Christ. 7 lamp stands in the holy temple, 7 lamps or churches in Revelation. The churches represent churches of every age.

Ephesus was called “the light of Asia”. Every kind of false cult was there. God raised up His church there, founded by Paul. Timothy and John pastored there too. Gospel of John, Revelation, letters to Timothy and more were written there.

Jesus holds the stars, the pastors of the 7 churches in His hands. John 10:28-29 – No one can snatch them from His hands. He is walking among the churches. He is ministering, reproving, loving – from the midst of the church.

God sees clearly while we see through a glass darkly. Ephesus was active and ready in the Lord and was commended for it. They were hard working. Don’t be discouraged, you may labor hard and other will reap the harvest. But there is importance in sowing the seed.

It requires blood, sweat and tears to sow the seeds. We must not be timid and need to reach others. Even one person makes a difference.

Patience is developed through trials. We cannot grow in patience without trouble. We don’t let evil control our life, we control it. The church not bearing evil means that they don’t let evil control them. Believe not every spirit, but try them for there are infiltrations of wolves among sheep.