Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. I saw a vision on Wednesday for another member. Storm clouds rolling in the background and a wing rising up in front, only the feathers were sharp and pointed like swords. Another member gave the interpretation that it was an image of the protection of God against the storms. And we often think of beautiful soft feathers when He says He will cover us with His wings. The Lord’s protective covering is gentle to us, but rigid and armored against the enemy.

During that vision, the pastor felt a spiritual explosion and I had warfare tongues take over. It was an incredible verification of what I always imagined happens in the spiritual when the warfare tongues take over. I would NOT want to be on the other side of them. They are commanding, sharp, guttural, and forceful. He then further saw a vision of my artistic work in the heavenlies that I will treasure forever. The give and take of the spiritual connection is just a blessing. Healing happened, a vision was given to comfort him, he felt an explosion, another felt the move of the spirit and gave interpretation, and I received confirmation and a blessing of insight into how God views my works. God moves in wondrous ways. It is such a powerful bonding experience to come together with the members of Christ like this.

On Sunday, I saw an outline of an eagle in flight during worship and I thought, well, this is a good time to incorporate Wednesday’s vision and draw the sword feathers. Imagine my surprise when the pastor starts speaking about what happened as I’m sketching! What a wonderful connection.

Typed notes:

We should actively give and actively receive. Do not turn away turn away the gifting in pride, thinking you have to work for it. God cannot give back 30x, 60x, and 100x if we do not receive it!

God is never frustrated and never defeated. He is not pleased with worship of the mind, but desires the heart.

We are to do justly and love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. He desires a relationship. We are to manifest the character of God. There should be no difference in our action in the church and our actions in the world.

Genuine religion and social justice never march together. We are called to be just. Real religion requires love of mercy and to do kindness. If it isn’t deep in our hearts, we will not be able to show it to others.

We are to reflect God so completely that people have no question of our faith. That they wonder where our hope comes from. That they desire what we have.

People that win in this life by being crooked will lose in the next life. Our God cannot be bribed and gives perfect justice.

Samuel was able to draw Israel back to God by the integrity of his character.

Real relationship requires a God experience in our heart. If our heart is not open, Jesus cannot commune with us. Daily we should increase in the knowledge of the Lord.