Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon

Typed notes:

Luke 22 – The last conversation between Jesus and the disciples, He calls for them to get a sword. Pray about it. What is our sword so His will will be fulfilled? Be prepared.

You can never live in the glory of the past, you have to live in the present whether it is good or bad. Wake up, get out of your slumber and glorify God.

The number seven is the number of completeness. So the seven spirits and the seven stars of Christ is an illustration of the full and complete power of Christ on the full church. Christ in full power has a living relationship with the church, holding the pastors (the stars) within His hand. He gives His power to us.

“You have a name that you are living, but you are dead.” Not operating under the name of Christ will make hollow worship and a dead church. Busy, yet neglecting Christ’s ministry.

A trait of the last days – people having a form of godliness but denying the power of Christ. We have the power of Jesus within us, there is nothing too difficult for Him.

A church is dying when they fail to fulfill the works of the Lord, when that feel the works of the Spirit were for another time. Also, when they lose the awareness of God’s presence. How can you be motivated to do the works of God when you can’t feel His moving presence?

We are the people of God on a divine mission. Don’t forget your unique nature among men. Don’t forget where you came from, a sinner bound in sins, living carelessly and without God’s guidance.