Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

The devil came to destroy as in decimate. Jesus came to destroy as in to release from being tied or bound. Set free.

John chapter 21 is the third time Jesus appears to the disciples. Jesus had told them to preach, yet they were fishing.

There was already a fire of coals. It takes about 45 min. Jesus was already there preparing something for them BEFORE they ever knew. The phrase “a fire of coals” is only used 2x. The other time is when Peter warmed himself by the fire of coals and denied Jesus.

Peter’s memory when smelling that fire would have been the denial and cursing of Christ. Jesus changed that to a smell of victory. The old memory was confronted and removed and replaced.

The things that bound you and threw you in the fire can be loosed in the fire. Jesus walks in the fire with us.

God works through the impossible, worst things in life to reach others, to bring others to Christ.

On Shavuot, the Day of Pentecost, the Jews would have been reading about a mighty rushing wind and fire. The also believed it was the day Moses received the law and when David was born and dies.

You can’t see God’s glory until you are in the cleft of the rock of Jesus! It changed Moses.