Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. It is always heart warming when the Spirit leads me to draw something that directly impacts another person as this one did. I didn’t want to draw it at first because it is so dark. A person so concentrated on their problems, clenching a fist onto solutions that only lead to more problems…not even feeling God’s light, love and songs caressing their shoulders. One only needs to turn and those storm clouds in the hands will be burned away by the light and glory of the Father.

Typed notes:

If you are in a trial and want to be in God’s army, don’t give up! Persevere. Press toward your future and high calling. Whatever weapon you have been given, use and trust it.

The last church, the lukewarm church, was very prosperous and independent. They were known throughout the world for wool cloth and eye salve. But the Lord warns they are about to become the spiritual cast away.

They were once on fire for Christ, but they lost their conviction. God wants a zealous church, accomplishing God’s will and goals. This church was unconcerned about the salvation of others. We need to please God with our eyes.

Because of wealth, the church was independent and proud and no longer felt they had need of the Lord. So they lost their power in the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will never do anything against the will of the Father. He always works in perfect tandem.

Sampson got arrogant in his own strength. Then he found he was nothing without the Lord. He could not shake himself free. Our strength is nothing.

Be willing to be tested and have a tested faith. Then we learn that God never leaves or forsakes. He saves us and sets us apart, clothes us in glorious raiment.

We are blind without the Holy Spirit. He is the salve to heal our eyes and see as He does. While we were yet sinners, He (Jesus) paid the price and died for us.