Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon.

Typed notes:

But as for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, for this day, to save many people. Genesis 50:20

God has a plan and He WILL turn things around. He will work them to HIS glory. He uses our trials and tests for His glory.

Sometimes we need a little more refreshing from the Spirit and we only need to ask! He is with us. The power of the Holy Spirit leads to the healing and salvation of others.

The birthright was on Reuben, but he messed with his father’s concubine. So the birthright was given to Joseph. 1 Chronicles 5:2

God blessed Joseph in his slavery. He can bless us no matter what the circumstances. When the mantle of blessing is upon us, the people around us are blessed. The pontifer’s house and fields were blessed because of Joseph.

Joseph claims adultery is a sin against God. David also says his adulterous act was a sin against God. To be in a place of blessing and to covet and take more is a sin. We are saying God’s provision was not enough.

Genesis 41:16 – Joseph says the answer is not in me, but God shall give and answer of PEACE.

The sabbath is meant for God’s glory. God’s healing and mercy and rest.

Joseph moved from the pit to the palace and so can we when we obey and trust in God.