Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. Yesterday was a day of blistering cold and sunshine. Wind, rain, and almost whiteout conditions. I took two videos hardly 5 minutes apart that show the intense change that happened in central PA (found below). From billowing snow and whipping winds, to breezy and sunny with blue skies and birds chirping. The moments after I captured the videos, I got the spiritual significance of it. God has been speaking to me through the natural lately, especially with the blossoms. There was no damage done to the peach tree. It is is showing the first buds of fruit and I believe it still stands as a symbol of Trump’s budding rod of authority. Read more here.

I feel a need to protect the peaches from getting stolen by birds and squirrels this year. That will require a metal ring around the trunk to prevent climbing, possibly a net, and even pruning. I am well aware of the spiritual significance that each action might entail. Do we feel covered? A layer between us and the world? It may be spiritually erected to keep us safe from those who would steal our fruits. And the Lord’s pruning may even be necessary, but rest assured that though He may remove your branches that reach toward troublesome areas or are lost in shadow, He does it so that the best fruit on your strongest branches may grow even bigger. Do you feel like a blessing in one area has been cut off? Seek God and see if He has pruned it so that you may grow and prosper even more in the area He wants you to.

The winds could not harm the peach tree because it has already blossomed and is bearing fruits. What has been started can not be undone. The pear trees were close to follow and only had a few blossoms left. What the wind tore and tried to destroyed on Saturday was the apple trees. I believe these are the people watching and waiting to see what will happen. Some of us blossom and mature first. Others quickly follow since they have a connection with God and can feel what is coming. And others watch and wait. With no real connection to God, they have to filter through the words of several prophets and make decisions on their own. This distance from God gives the enemy opportunity to destroy. While some of us are set in this strange time of quiet between a spiritually intense Passover and what we know is victory, others are wavering and questioning already, driven to and fro like the spring winds. The blossoms are torn off before they can ever bear fruit. I was reminded to remain steadfast and not to give credence to the fickle thoughts of man that question every lull of God.

But the winds represented more. I saw that mid-may blizzard as the last hurrah of satan in this hour. The winds howled and visibility was reduced. Biting cold ripped through clothing and forced people to shelter. Yet five minutes later, it was done. No snow laid on the ground. Birds chirped harmoniously and blue skies and sunshine broke through the wall of grey. The apple blossoms were hit, but many remained intact. While quick and severe, the last storm was relatively insignificant. There were no lasting effects. And that is what we will see coming; one final heave of satanic powers before the break. Stand firm and know that though it seems a crushing wintery blast, it will only be for a short time.

Come Sunday and I thought I would be drawing something much different. I just opened my notebook when my daughter walked beside me and commented on a little bird decoration that fell out of the church window arrangement. “I don’t know where it went,” she said as she handed it to me. I take the cute little bird and set it in the arrangement. It slides to the side and I gently set it a couple more times before I am happy with how perfectly it is displayed in the flowers. And the moment I saw the bird perched in the light of the window, I know it was my focus. Spring winds overpowering and driving away the winds of winter. Blossoms and snow. A bird’s victorious melody of praise.

I finally got to typing this on Monday and another realization hit me as I remembered that moment in church. How often do we get cast to the floor and forgotten? But the Lord’s eyes are on us and He gently picks us up from our fallen state and thoughtfully arranges us in His garden of light. He may set us a in few different places as He admires us and decides what is the most perfect spot to display us for all to see and enjoy. The Father loves us more than we can imagine and only wants us to have the best place of admiration within His heavenly light and gardens.

Typed notes:

James 1:5-8 – If any of you lack wisdom, ask God without doubting, in full faith, and God will give liberally.

Wisdom allows you to be objective and stable. It stands you on God’s rock. God is the source of true wisdom.

The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than man. (1 Corinthians 1:25)

Everyday we have repeated opportunities to trust our worldly wisdom or ask for God’s. To be carnal or spiritual. If we ask, we shall receive it. It is a promise.

God delights in giving and is generous. He gives His very best and His motive is love. His character is to build us up since He is the master builder. He wishes the best for us and gives accordingly.

God gave Joseph wisdom through dreams. Joseph was put through testing and was raised up to second in the kingdom by remaining true to God and trusting God’s wisdom.

Joseph gave the glory to God BEFORE he got the interpretation of the dreams. He knew such wisdom was only from God. God gave him favor and blessing in return for being faithful.



Edit: confirmation of the message was received within hours on my IG feed from prophet Nate Johnston. Completely separate ministry saying very similar things in the same moment of time: