Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. Pentecostal Sunday was all about fire. Fires rage in so many cities in response to the tragic and absolutely unaccepted death of Floyd by a cop. The enemy tries to raise his fires of destruction, but God’s Holy Fire is stronger. His fire purifies instead of destroys.

Right before the protests this week, I was given a dream. I stood on a lawn watching a huge bonfire my brother had started on the edge of his property, right beside the woodline. Then I saw those flames whoosh to the right in a mighty consuming ball. Out of control. I ran inside in fear, searching for my husband and brother. Neither came out. I don’t know why I ran in terror first as I am a very capable person.

So I ran back out and began connecting the hoses together so I could reach the flames and try to put them out. As I am doing this, my brother appears right beside me and tells me not to put the fire out. It has only reached the metal. That is all. I look up and see the fire has already backed away, revealing metal sticking up. The out of control inferno was brief and already done.

I woke for a brief time, knowing it needed prayer. And I drifted back to sleep muttering “God, don’t let us put out the fire of the Holy Spirit in others.”

I talked with a friend of mine the next day and she felt the same interpretation I did. That the blasts of Holy Spirit fire in others can look ugly from the outside. We want to rush and stop them and quiet them. But then we douse the refining work of the Spirit. Those great rushes of flames and passion are needed to reveal the precious metals and strong iron underneath. We need to be careful not to quench the Holy Fires at work in our brethren.

I don’t know if this dream is also tied to these sobering moments of rioting going on. If so, the fiery plume that threatens to consume the nation will back off. And what is revealed after the fact will be strength. Iron. Cleansing. Pray for God’s Holy Fire to consume the enemy’s destructive fire.

Typed notes:

Jesus healed ten lepers. They seized the moment. They cried to Him. We can too because no one can hear us like Jesus. His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 118:4) The lepers had to walk out their miracle. You must press on.

Prophesy to those dry bones! Use your voice. Lay on your hands. Trust in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Behold I send the Promise of my Father upon you, but tarry in Jerusalem until you be endued with power from on high. Luke 24:49

Fire consumes. Fire cleanses. Fire reveals the iron and jewels. Jesus purifies through the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes we are afraid to speak out because we are afraid to speak the wrong thing. The Holy Spirit tames AND trains our tongues! He abides and indwells in us.

Do we trust the Holy Spirit? For our health, our healing? He fills us with the fruits. The crops grow better when the weeds are burned! The ash feeds the crops.

Repent. Then be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Do we have that evidence in our lives? The promise is on us AND our children AND those that are far off. As many as He will call.

The book of Acts is not the acts of the apostles. It is the acts of the Holy Spirit! We cannot discredit it thinking it is man’s works. It is what the church needs to be today!