Wolf of Benjamin




The remnant arises


God pulled me from the back-slidden Christian world in 2018 and began to work in my life like I had never experienced before. Though I have always been a Christian and have heard His word and felt His comfort, much of my life was not a reflection of this. Slowly, in the quietness of my basement during daily workouts, I began to explore deliverance. From podcasts off the Sheila Zilinsky show, I accessed powerful preachers and surprisingly found myself casting out demons within myself. The voices of Carla Butaud, Van Hutchingson, Randy Richey, Pat Holliday and others worked in my life and led me to deeper peace.

By late 2018, I was seeking more than deliverance. I kept returning to Pat Holliday and felt a real connection with her. Her sermons were spiritual meat. I found she had a program on blogtalkradio.com and I tuned in for the first time on January 2nd, 2019. And in a vast stroke of mass deliverance, my addiction to alcohol faded to nothing. In another sermon, an infirmity I had been dealing with since grade school was wiped out just by listening in. And by mid-January, I had released my gift of tongues.

This page is merely a place to share my notes from sermons and the spirit-led drawings that go with them. I do not plan ahead what I will draw and I do not know the sermon content. I begin drawing and oftentimes the picture reflects the teaching. Sometimes, it reflects my life, as in the very first one where the wolf breaks from stone to light…and that was the night I received tongues.

I chose the wolf because I have always loved this animal. The one you see pictured was my dearly beloved Koda that passed away in the spring of 2018. Then, a couple years ago, (in one of those dreams that are so real it seems like reality) two wolves from the hand of God leapt on and devoured a witch that was going to kill me. Those beautiful black animals with white eyes then circled and played around me, their fur speckled with silver, brown and bronze when I saw them so close. When I read the blessing of Benjamin, it reminded me so much of them. Then, in a twist of events with a black spirit in our house last year, my daughter (who can see spirits at times), was being protected by the same black beautiful wolf…one that stood between my children and an evil wolf with wide white eyes (Twililght eyes – as my daughter referred to the pony, Twilight Sparkle, to describe them). Through intense prayer and testing, God made it clear how we opened a gateway in for the one, and that the other was from His hand.

So join me in a journey of seeking Jesus. Every picture will be linked with its respective teaching if there is one available. There is so much more waiting for all of us when we draw closer to the One God. Blessings, conviction and love to all who come to this page in Jesus name.