Wolf of Benjamin

Ministries Used



jesus is alive!

Churches and Ministries

Firebrand Fellowship

A little church with a LOT of Holy Spirit fire.  We believe in miracles, strive for revival, and encourage believers in their giftings.  Come and see what we are all about!

Omegaman radio

Omegaman host Shannon Davis currently pushes out hours of content almost daily. There are so many good teachings out there to discover. And remember to show your thanks by donating!

so many with so much to teach

My Favorites

Dr. Dale Sides

Learned warrior of God who reveals and shuts down demonic portals.

Field of Dreams

Australian Pastors Todd and Daryl nail spiritual truths and truly equip their congregation to effectively stand against the enemy.

Ivory Hopkins

His insight on dream warfare is incredible. Everyone should listen in.

Randy Richey

I highly recommend his sermon on “The Spirit of Trauma”

Van Hutchingson

Thorough deliverance with a host of topics covered in a short time.

Carla Butaud

Powerful preacher with loving support and great insight.

Peter Whiffin

Fascinating in depth teachings for any inquisitive believer.

Elvis Neuhardt

Captivating teachings on calling back your soul (mind, will, emotions, etc).