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As an avid reader with children who are growing up to be the same, I feel God has placed it in my heart to begin writing and producing works that glorify Him.  I love fantasy and sci-fi, but the general dependency on black magic or the complete abolition of any form of religion within those genres is disappointing.  Because of this, I desire to write a variety of books that have Christian themes or undercurrents, even if they are works of fantasy.  Spiritual truths can be taught as Jesus did…through parables and stories that capture the hearts and minds of the people.

Keep checking back.  There are multiple books in the works for 2020 and beyond!

revised summer of 2021!

Calling of the Wolf



“Every bit as good as Hind Feet on High Places and Pilgrim’s Progress. I now have 3 favorite books!”


“Our children have literally had fights over whose turn it was to read this book.  We cannot recommend it enough.”

Carol & Steve

“This book is amazing!  I wish everyone would read it!  Looking forward to reading the next one.  It touches your heart and soul.”

A captivating tale that is sure to be a favorite.

Calling of the Wolf

Calling of the Wolf details a journey of spiritual growth, deliverance, and finding God through the impossible. This allegory will delight young and adult readers alike as they follow the thoughts and actions of a blind wolf as she discovers the Lord and is made new.

Illustrations have been added to every chapter!

keep checking back for

More Books

Mommy can you draw me a kitty?

A young girl’s imagination leads to a series of rather silly drawings. Young and adult readers alike will enjoy the hilarity that ensues when mommy draws a little bit more than just a kitty.

Lily the Prophet

A divine download of information surrounding my daughter’s gifting that became a published children’s book in less than a week.

Egypt: Through the eyes of a pastor's wife

The typed notes of Peggy Varner from her 14 day trip to Egypt in 2004.

Calling of the Wolf spiritual study guide

 Twenty lessons and related coloring pages to guide young learners in spiritual principals found in the book.  For Sunday School or Homeschooling.  Targets ages 8-14.  Approximately 30-60 minutes per lesson.

FREE for anyone who has purchased Calling of the Wolf.  Just send me a photo of your receipt.

Lily the prophet coloring book

A free PDF coloring book to go along with Lily the Prophet.

Parables in the Pages


The Power in a Name


A year of worship art - 2019

Every sketch for 2019 compiled into one book.  Paperback or Kindle.