Wolf of Benjamin

The Gift of Painting



Custom Artwork

I enjoy working with acrylics on canvas.  From quick worship art paintings where only 30-60 minutes is available to create, to utterly detailed pieces that vibrantly capture a moment in time, God has blessed my hands and mind as an artist and craftsman. 

Every picture sold gives a significant portion back to the Kingdom of God.

Pricing varies by piece.  Contact me if you would like a quote. 

Available for Purchase

A portion of every sale will go toward sponsoring a child at Mt Deliverance Worship Center’s youth camp.  Paintings $400 and up will fully pay for one child.  Paintings below that will pay for half.  The Spirit of God moves incredibly through the children and youth in this week long camp! 

Christ Centered Paintings
Vehicles and animals

Gallery of Previous Art:


Worship Art

Note that many of these paintings are much less detailed due to the very limited time constraint of approximately 30-60 min.

Interested in a custom painting?