The Writings of dona witmer

Treasures of Darkness



An Excerpt from Dona’s Canticle

“He holds me in the wings of His being

He is within and without, I feel Him surround me in love

He covers me with His righteousness

He illumines my soul with His radiance

He clothes me with purity of light

I am one with Him and He is one with me

I am His but am not consumed

He owns me but I am free to do His will

He sets me upon high places

He walks with me in the stillness of waters

He is my comfort in this place of death

He is my fortress in this place of living waters

I will forever live in His temple”

There were many more writings than I was ever aware of.  Mom loved to write.  She had intimate journals to the Lord and she took notes on everything: every video, every podcast, even books.  Her writings were so vast it was impossible to save it all, or to even know the context of some of it.  My family saved her more prominent works and now they are displayed here.

Dona’s Writings

Canticle of the Soul

Canticle of the Soul

The words of my mom, Dona Witmer, from May 15th, 2001: He is so strong this morning that I cannot not sleep in body. A canticle of sorts runs through me and I feel Him surround me in perfect love. I had to get up and write of my love for Him and His for me. He holds...