The words of my mom, Dona Witmer, from May 15th, 2001:

He is so strong this morning that I cannot not sleep in body. A canticle of sorts runs through me and I feel Him surround me in perfect love. I had to get up and write of my love for Him and His for me.

He holds me in the wings of His being

He is within and without, I feel Him surround me in love

He covers me with His righteousness

He illumines my soul with His radiance

He clothes me with purity of light

I am one with Him and He is one with me

I am His but am not consumed

He owns me but I am free to do His will

He sets me upon high places

He walks with me in the stillness of waters

He is my comfort in this place of death

He is my fortress in this place of living waters

I will forever live in His temple

For He is the temple, the well and the source of the life

To die is to live and to live is to die

Time has no beginning and no end

I meet that part of myself who lives in eternity

I live with him forever

I go home to be with Him, whom I love

I can go no further until the appointed time

I am already beyond the veil

The butterfly is still a cocoon on earth

Soon the butterfly will fly home

In dying I will live and drink from His bosom for all time

Time ceases in this place, a second is an hour

It is a wondrous thing to dwell in the House of the Lord

To have His name written on my heart

To have my name carved on the palm of His hand

Oh how sweet the water tastes, how fragrant is His breath

My soul wants to go home but He is with me forever

I am His bride and He is mine

Nothing can separate this love

It is sealed with sacrifice, in water and blood

It is everlasting, from the beginning until the end

Sometimes I do not know where I begin and end

Sometimes I do not know where He begins and ends

There is no end and no beginning

I am me and He is in me

He is Lord and I rest in Him

We are the same but He is Lord and I am His

He is mine and I am His child bride

Together we unite but do not lose ourselves

I am not Him and He is not me

But where do I end and He begins, I do not know

It is not a small thing to dwell with the Lord

He chooses to make His habitation with mortals

He lowers himself to live in earthen vessels

He lifts me up to live in heavenly places

I am a temple of the Living God

I will dwell in His Temple forever

He will refresh my soul from the waters that flow from His breasts

He promises to be with me forever

He will never forsake or abandon His beloved

I ache for you my Lord; there is no comfort on earth

My only comfort is within my secret being

For only there are we one

I await You; You have prepared a place for me

I await You; You have prepared my soul for You

I welcome You in my inmost being

You sing a new song; it is from of old

My soul flies on its wings to be in Your heart

Goodness and mercy have found Me

In my brokenness You came and healed me

I thought You had abandoned me

I writhed and screamed in pain

You showed me I lay dying in Your hand

Your spear pierced my inmost being

You prepared my soul as a blood sacrifice

Just as Your Son had to die, so did I

It is our mingling of blood that cleansed and set me free

Only His blood can cleanse of all unrighteousness

So that I can dwell in Your House forever

I was broken at Your hands

I am finally whole since You set this captive free

You gave me a new name; a name prepared for me

I am not worthy but I am Yours

I am delighted to be called Your child

I am here to do Your will

There is no other joy save pleasing You 

Use me as You please

You created a new creature from a lump of clay 

You purged my inmost being with the light of darkness 

I could not see You through the covering of Your veil 

In faith, I walked with You toward the darkness 

Your light illumined my path through the valley of death 

Shadows hemmed me on all sides, I could not see 

I am lost without You 

You brought me forth to the still waters 

I can see brightly through the darkness 

I love me because You showed me the way 

I love You because You first loved me 

The waters breathe, they move with Your being 

I can see forever through the mists of water 

Sometimes they reflect my gaze 

Today I can only drink from these waters 

Someday I will cross to the other side and be with You forever 

I am not afraid, because You have gone before me 

You have prepared the way for me 

You will lead and I will follow 

I am chained to this world for a time 

In my soul I am free to be with You 

It is enough for now to walk with You beside still waters 

My soul is at rest within You