Mt Deliverance Worship Center sermon. The Holy Spirit was MOVING this morning. Walls fell. A major healing was started. People were feeling the fire and the presence of the Lord!

Typed notes:

We have an opportunity to jump into the river of life anew everyday. Psalm 51:6 – From the womb, we can be in the secret place.

Prayer changes things. What a door has been closed, double down in praise and prayer where you are at.

The nudges of the spirit are real. Open your heart and God will move. How often do we shut down those nudges?

Rev 4:5, Exodus 19:16 – The thunderings and glory of God. The transfiguration. Jesus is the Shekinah glory. God spoke out the glory cloud. Now He speaks through the Holy Spirit.

If you have some spiritual dryness in you, its because you aren’t shouting! Shout your praise!

Exodus 24:15-16 – Moses went on the mountain and the cloud RESTED six days and God called out to him on the SEVENTH. Interesting flip of the creation days. Significance?

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph. Our tears and our shouts DESTROY the enemy. Shouting like Jericho.

This is not the time to let down and quit. The Shekinah glory dwells within! Jesus was in the glory cloud and fire, and now Jesus is in us.

Ezekiel 10:4 – The glory cloud left the temple. Then it lingered at the threshold. Sin drives God from the center focus of our lives.